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FitMe is designed for you to be the best bride you can be on your wedding day. Paul March is the Strength and Conditioning coach behind the FitMe online plan. With over 12 years experience in the industry and using his expert knowledge of training professional sports teams towards goals and competitions, he is able to tailor make a programme that works for you to get to your dream FitMe in time for your big day.



helping you look and feel amazing on your big day

The FitMe Fitness Plan

To get the results you need the FitMe fitness plan is individualised for you to meet your targets on time, for that all important last bridal fitting. 100% commitment is required and if this is given by you then results will follow. Your FitMe fitness plan will be developed by Paul through your information and his extensive experience training a range of people including professional sports men and women.


Paul knows how to get results. When a target date and goals are set, your FitMe fitness plan will reflect what you need to do to ensure the best FitMe. Support is there to motivate and inspire you to ensure you keep on track.


The FitMe Nutrition Plan

You must work on the FitMe nutrition and exercise plans together. Paul will design these specifically for you to get the best results. Only by doing this will you ensure that you will be the FitMe bride you know you can be for your wedding day. It is meant to be a healthy and sustainable way of fuelling yourself, that will transfer into long term lifestyle choices.


To get the results you need you may have to make big changes but the FitMe nutrition plan offers nutritious well balanced and controlled portion sizes which will help you reach your FitMe.


Living as a FitMe


It is vitally important to reach your targets you work with Paul to ensure the FitMe fitness and nutrition plans are ion action together. Only by doing this will you ensure that you will be the FitMe bride you know you can be for your wedding day.


Plan, Details and Approach


Once you have chosen FitMe this is what will happen:


  •  Online questionnaire – to make sure you get the best FitMe plans
  •  Initial baseline assessment – to enhance your accountability and drive
  • Individual targets set – small, medium and long term goal options to keep you motivated
  • Individual FitMe fitness and nutrition plan delivered
  • Full access to short video tutorials – to make sure the FitMe fitness plans are understood and correct technique is applied
  • Weekly accountability sessions
  • Dedicated support from an online fitness coach to answer any questions


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