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For years Paul has worked with many people, transforming their lives inside and out to become healthier, leaner, more confident and fitter individuals. Here are just a few testimonials since the launch of FitMe.


Hannah H


With my own commitment and hard work Paul has guided me to my ‘FitMe’. I have always struggled with a bit of extra weight but not any more. I have never felt as confident or as content with the way I look. My day was fantastic and that was exactly how I felt too!

Thanks Paul




With Paul’s help not only have I got to my ‘FitMe’ but I have also become far stronger and more athletic than I ever believed possible. I have set myself challenging targets and Paul has helped me reach these, and I was over the moon with my final fitting for my big day.


Paul coaches so easily, with technique and precision at the core. Ensuring safe training and the best results possible. I have really enjoyed the range of lifting exercises I have now perfected, even managing the odd chin-up! and will continue to build on my training, developing my skills and strength.



Paul helped me trim some extra inches of my waist and bum ready for my final fitting. Being prepped and organized with the food was key and the FitMe Fitness Plan was varied and fun – especially when you see the results.


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